Commercial VCT

Commercial VCT

Vinyl composite tile combines quality and versatility in a range of patterns, styles and colors. VCT flooring is well constructed and has the durability to provide years of performance. For high traffic areas, you can select a VCT flooring variety that will effectively hide scuffs and dirt, making it a practical option.

Tough Flooring Product
VCT flooring is quite abrasion resistant and can be cleaned with chemical solutions and proper buffing equipment. In some instances, if tiles sustain damage, they can be removed and replaced.

It’s important to install VCT flooring on smooth subfloors to ensure that they are less prone to sustaining damage.

VCT flooring is commonly found in commercial buildings, but its popularity for use in the home is growing, as homeowners seek flooring that is durable and can be maintained with a commercial cleaner and polish.

Cleaning VCT Flooring
When cleaning VCT flooring, choose a mop that won’t leave fibers behind. Rinse it thoroughly before mopping so that it won’t leave fuzzy debris on the floor. If you have a floor scrubber, you can usually use that safely on the floor, and you can use a floor buffer to provide added sheen.RSI offers complete installations of VCT. From removal of old VCT to the complete installation of new VCT tile.

RSI also provide's complete floor care of existing VCT tile from stripping off old finish's to the application of commercial grade wax to make your floor look new again!